Port Perry! Old Flame Brewery

Recently, on my way between Toronto and Peterborough, I stopped in Port Perry to grab some beer for later at Old Flame Brewery. It was a nice, rustic old coach house type of thing with a brewery in the back. The certainly went a long way to expose the beam and brick foundations.

Not having much time to stay and try all the beer.. I stayed and tried all the beer! It was probably the good service that kept me there as long as I stayed. But to start things off, I ordered a flight of three beers available in the fridge for sale: the Blonde, the Dirty Blonde, and the Red. Like my previous brewery experience, it’s always the one they don’t give you that you end up leaving with. After a brief chat with the bartender, I found out I could have a mini-growler filled with anything off tap, so long as I drank it rather promptly (within three days). I ended up leaving with the Brunette and the Dirty Blonde.. Insert joke here?

They had a variety of beers for sale, and the Perry’s Double Chocolate Orange Stout was amazing. So I will have to stop by frequently to stay on top of the seasonal brews for sale.



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